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Morning Profundity

They had Ethiopian this morning, the second time this week. Whenever Java brews those earthy African beans as their dark roast, I'm a happy little coffee snob. What made the morning cup even better was that Chriyus was sitting across from me, inviting me in that slow-as-syrup Alabama drawl of his to tell him what the Lord's been doing in my heart.

I told him about my conversation with Smythe from the day before, how Rob reminded me that God's holiness is our refuge, not our cause for fear, and that reading our bibles or praying more isn't going to save us or make us any more righteous in God's sight. I told the skinny southerner that I've been brought to my knees time and time again when I slow down to consider who God is, how sufficient He is to meet my every need...and also when I realize that my consideration of Him isn't nearly sufficent enough. Even in the midst of a busy summer schedule, I find a hushed restlessness that keeps me thinking about Jesus, one that ignores the phone calls and the supposed need to do "something." When I sit in Seneca Park, with the blades of grass reaching for rays of sunlight that have taken flight from a zillion miles away, I think of how every intricate and wonderful thing around me was conceived by His marvelously intricate and infinitely wonderful mind. When I sit alone at night, I wonder why all the questions in my heart seem to shift and change like the shadows dance on my wall, and why the elusive answers to those fickle questions always bring me back to the promises I have in Jesus. When I open my reluctant and very Asian-slanted eyes to find that God has indeed granted me life and breath for another day, I ponder why someone as irrational and unloving and insignificant as I would be as righteous and loved and precious in God's sight as I am.

When I think about it, it doesn't seem that God is teaching me anything new or profound right now; rather, He's showing me how profound are the things He's already taught me...and how I've been missing it.


posted by Bolo | 1:20 AM
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