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Quick thought that just hit me: the signup for Immaneul Baptist Church's men's retreat at Red River Gorge has a section that asks for the signee's preferred level of hiking, with easy, medium, and hard being the choices. Granted, I was only the third one to sign up, but both of the guys ahead of me, including myself, put down that we'd like a hard hike. Now, what I'm thinking is that guys being guys, we're probably going to try to tell ourselves we can do the hard hike...and subtly proclaim it to the world. Therefore, that's what we'll put down on paper. One can always wuss out and beg off the hard hike later on, with the proverbial "nagging knee/back/hip/ankle/spleen/eye/halitosis/itchyscratchycondition injury" as a more than adequate excuse. Especially when said nagging injury was acquired on a much manlier hike in one's days as a strapping young man.

The reason for this thought? I was just thinking about how I recently was sucking wind all the way up Olomana with Andrew (note that I included him in my wussiness...that's the manly thing to do!), and how we asked each other why in the world we thought a hike was a good idea :)

posted by Bolo | 10:02 AM
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