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A tiny excerpt from my journal:

Whom have I but You? Yet I spurn You for cheaper pleasures that are not You. Oh, and You! If You loved me when I was not in Christ, when I was an utter abomination in Your presence, will You not all the more love me now? If You, while I was still a wretched sinner unclean, with no hope of salvation, have given Christ, He upon whom the fullness of Your glory and pleasure rests, what will You hold back? Oh Lord, how slowly do I turn to You, how slowly do I humble myself to commune with Your cleansing presence! You pierce me, Lord, You cut to the heart of things, You cut to the heart of me. And how You undo me! But what a sweet unravelling it is! God, if not You, then what? Then whom? Nothing, none at all. Oh Lord, You have saved me so that You might pour out Your grace upon me...for eternity! The riches of Your grace, for eternity! Grace, amazing and unspeakable, immeasurable and incomprehensible! Lord, let me seek Your grace...let me seek You...let me hide nothing, but rather, let me come naked and poor, desiring only...You.

posted by Bolo | 12:08 PM
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