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So. Sarah Cress, nice buddy of mine that she is, is under the misconception that I'm not coming back to Louisville for the summer, or maybe ever. I started this little prank as a way of having a little fun at her expense. It got a little more complicated several days ago when I was looking for someone to pick me up from the airport, as I called her to ask for a ride, only to realize that she was still under the impression that I'm not coming back. Quite naturally, I went along with her perception, figuring I could get a ride from someone else. The complication rose several notches two days ago when she asked me if she could borrow my car, since hers is on the blink. I told her that that was totally cool with me, since I wasn't going to be using it any time soon.

Well, I've been back for nearly a full day now, Sarah still hasn't seen me, and she's still under the impression that I'm still at home. I, however, have seen Sarah. Yup. I was on my way to being dropped off at work, and there was Sarah, driving my car along Westport Road. Oh, the irony of ironies!

The things I do for kicks :)

posted by Bolo | 1:55 AM
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