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Cedarmore: The End

It's Friday, and with it, there enters in a semi-sweet case of melancholy. I'm glad to be back, really I am. But I want to be back there, too. Strange, but I'll never cease to be amazed how just a few days with people can make you really see Jesus in 'em. If those staff folks didn't love Jesus, I wouldn't want to be there. If those kids weren't being saturated with the immeasurable love of Christ, I wouldn't have been convicted to serve the way I was. If the LORD had not been honored and sought the way He was and is, I wouldn't have felt so refreshed to merely sit and soak it all in.

Yet all those "if's" are just that: "if's." And now, as I sit here in my room in Fuller Hall, I feel a little sad. A lot sad. I wonder about Josh, who came up to me on Wednesday night and asked me, "How do I get saved?"

Yes, that's what he asked me. The Rent-A-Staffer. The guy who was worried he'd hit one too many pressure points on the kid earlier in the day. The dumby who was worried he wasn't doing enough to recruit for his school; instead, he was reminded his first priority is recruiting for the Kingdom. Yeah, that's the question he asked me.

I wonder about the guys, and when they'll go raccoon hunting again. Probably tonight. I hope Jones' knee gets better, Mr. Holy Ground takes care of Flipper, and that Daniel gets rid of all that phlegm and gets as much coffee as he wants.

I wonder about Dustin, who told me last night he'd surrendered his life to ministry. I see that long, gangly goofball grinning at me, and I hope I see him at Boyce some day. Even more, I just hope I see him; he's a joy to be around, a joy to talk Jesus with.

I love the week I had; I wish I could go back and do it all over again. But I can't, and I won't. Instead, I'll sit in my room for a bit, and wonder...

posted by Bolo | 3:27 PM
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