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Cedarmore: Day 2

I find myself thinking constantly, "Wow, I have the easy job for the summer."

The staffers here are on their fourth week of camp, which equates to their fourth set of campers. The ebb and flow has certainly taken its toll; illness and injuries are certainly felt, but even more, I've seen hints and shadows of life continuing in all its painful and lonely certainty. In the midst of it all, I've witnessed a constant spirit of selfless servitude from these crazed staffers. And for the guy who has been monikered "Rent-A-Staff," this portrait of Jesus' heart beats in such a way as to pump vitality and eternal depth into everything I see.

I'm glad I'm here. I'm glad I have a Lord who does not cease to amaze, a Lord who finds joy in the wondrous complexity of the tiniest molecule, yet is immense enough to paint His creation across countless canvases we call galaxies. I'm glad my Lord is one who is infinitely wiser than I am, who delights in weaning me off the sin of self-reliance, who shows me the sweetness of His patience in teaching me how faithful He is in His love. Like Scott said, it's too good to be true; yet, true it is.

That's why they persevere, that's why they keep getting up each morning, pouring out their lives for Jesus. It's not because they have an immense measure of joy welling up in their hearts at every moment. Believe me, I've seen the puffiness of the eye-baggies, the reluctance of their limps; these staffers are very much human and finite. No, what keeps them going is the love their Lord has for them, for us, and the fact that His grace truly is sufficient. He meets them, and they, in turn, keep looking for Him.

posted by Bolo | 11:58 PM
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