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The Boss Files

Mr. Cabreros, these are for you.


Aaahhh! Entry point!

Steak many nicknames does one person need? I mean, who does he think he is, me?

Zip Pac. Need one. Now.

I know I don't even need to tell you that it was in the afternoon, and we were headed Diamond Head on H1. Yup. No need.

What you don't see in this picture is that Boyd actually has another phone dangling from that chain around his neck. Yeah...I know...only Boyd.

Boss, I think they were looking at a picture of you. Just like the old days at Xtreme, eh?

Kev's face didn't improve from one night to the next, as evidenced by his ability to drive away his tableside companions during dinner...all of whom happened to be female.

Aaaahhhh, Mr. Kimura! That guy's gonna look the same in another ten years.

Who needs entertainment?

Mr. Fuller...Mr. Busque...

It was hard to remember not to make funny faces at Jocelyn while she was taking the "official" wedding pictures. We saved those faces for...

The Papaya! Hehe...remember that song we did about her cell phone?

You were in safe hands while we were getting shot, I promise!

And even better hands while we weren't :)

The morning surf session. 'Drew's last one as a single man. We skipped church for this!

Yes, this is exactly what it looks like. Andrew wasn't certain how the ring thing should be done during the ceremony, so he and Will were practicing.

And of could we not take you to Gina's?

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