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Ok. Here's the deal. Many of you like to comment on certain things about me, chiming in with thoughts on the way I should wear my hair, the way I should dress, or the way I should tan. It's all quite preposterous, because quite frankly, none of your comments will ever really be considered in such a way that I'd actually change the way I do those things :)

However, you now have a voice.

No, not concerning my hair. Nor, I vehemently add, toward what I wear. And heaven forbid it that any of you should be able to comment on my tan with authority. That would be ludicrous ;)

Your voice has to do with this blog. Yes, this blog. Since its inception, the design has remained relatively the same. In fact, the original design was very close to what you see now, and very little has changed. The base colors and font have changed somewhat, and the content has been added to, but for the most part, the blog's core layout and color scheme has remained relatively static.

I am now considering changing that.

No, Michael Butterworth, this isn't some sort of mid-life crisis. Contrary to popular belief, I'm still too young for such a thing to take place. I'm not getting a new car (I like my little landlocked beachmobile), I'm not trying to update my wardrobe (it's already quite hip as it is), and...well...we're not even discussing my relational life. The reason for this hypothetical redesign is that my blog has been alive and well for over three years now, and it hasn't had major facelift in all of that time. That, and the fact that a major geeky summer project into which I could throw myself would be a nice little reprieve from my inevitable delving into various works of cheesy fantasy/sci-fi, classic literature, commentaries, and the like.

This is where you, the faithful readers and viewers of my little corner of cyberspace, come in. This is where I ask for your opinion. It's still not a democracy, but it's not quite an autocracy, either. You, The Elect, get to chime in with your thoughts on how I should, if at all, redesign the site. Colors? Layout? Graphics? Theme? Mood? Tell me what you think. If you do have an opinion, state it. Bear in mind that a stated opinion does not equate to a vote being cast, but it does equate to sober consideration on my part. Do you want a heavily interactive site? Like it the way it is, with a minimalist, content-heavy design? Let me know. If you don't, it'll probably stay this way for another three years, with hardly a care in the world on my part. Personally, I like it like this. It's simple and uncluttered, straightforward and intuitive, and up-to-date with dynamic content, just like good web design and webmastering ought to be. Know this, however: a good byproduct of keeping such a simple design for three years is the fact that the design gets to be refined. In other words, it's proven itself over time, and I like it that way. Therefore, if I do so happen to change it, it is prone to having a few unwanted (and seemingly rude) burps and farts in the process.

You've been warned :)

So go ahead, click on the little "speakage" link and chime in. If you don't, it'll probably stay this way. The phlegmatic side of me won't mind, I promise.

posted by Bolo | 6:33 PM
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