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Sweet Gifts

There's a reason I love Gary. I doubt it's because he tells me with effulgent enthusiasm, "You're an idiot!" Actually, it's probably a good indication of just how much I love him that he brings a grin to my face when he says that.

Don't get any ideas, Gary.

I'd been telling him about what I'd learned concerning the priesthood of Christ, how Jesus' human tempations, frailties, sufferings, and obedience are what help to make Him the perfect high priest. In the Scriptures, we are told to look heavenward and savor the Christ who is still the God-Man, the One who always sought to do the glorifying will of the Father, who obediently humbled Himself to death, who now lives and intercedes on our behalf. That intercession is made possible and perfect not just because of His obedience in the midst of trial and temptation, but also because having gone through the length and breadth of trials and temptations, He can perfectly sympathize with His fellow Man in the midst of our pains. The realization of this sympathy, I told Gary, is a sweet gift...a very sweet gift.

posted by Bolo | 1:53 AM
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