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Near Death

I nearly died tonight. Yup. I did. Seriously.

The lightning seemed to swirl and whirl 'round and 'round in a nasty, daunting dervish; the wind itself was thickening with malevolent fury, becoming nearly visible to my fearfully fevered eyes; the thunder taunted me, thrumming through my chest cavity with a very-present and uncomfortably intimate sort of ache. What didn't help was hearing the power cables falling from the utility poles with sparks and snaps as I sat in my car, broken window not shielding me from the torrential rains needling through the thin layers of already-soaked clothing.

I screamed into my phone to Sarah, telling her I was about to die. I was joking, of course. Well, I'd like to think I was joking. When the power went out in the buildings around me at the same time the sparks started to fly, I think my eyes didn't look quite so Asian any more - they were wide open. It was a good thing that I was already soaked to the bones, 'cause if my bladder emptied at that point, it would have mattered, but only if I was able to notice.

Anyway. I lived to tell about it. That's a good thing. I'd be upset if I didn't get a chance to die while I surf :)

posted by Bolo | 9:30 PM
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