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I just pulled in from Java, where I spent the latter portion of the evening with the Ryherds and others. Josh and Jess are leaving tomorrow night, so it was quite necessary that I see them before they left my life for good. Well, not for good, but you know what I mean. I don't really care about all the students leaving for the end of the semester, but I do care about the friends that I've gotten to know over the years; they're the ones that really count. Friends like the Ryherds...they count. They'll be happy to read that, of course :)

Enough with the sappy sentiment. The evening was quite fun. How so? Read on!

Ryan Szrama and Cristy Vann argue like they're married; it's quite humorous.

Caitlyn and Ally kept attracting all sorts of attention, despite the fact that they were asleep. Holding either one of them does wonders for one's social agenda, by the way.

Brad Walker is the worst board game player ever. Not even my parents are as bad as he is. (No, I'm not bitter about that time I got stuck on a team with them while the rest of my siblings looked on with ill-disguised smirks on their faces. Nope, no bitterness. Just scarring. Lots of scarring.) When he was playing Boggle, homestack was simply not doing well. I think the others keep him playing just so that they can have a sort of cannon fodder for the game. That way, none of the rest of them will have to admit that they came in last; that distinction will always be reserved for Brad ;) Of course, there was that one shining moment where he sat there, and I whispered to him, "Write down, 'negotiate'." I'm not sure if he spelled it correctly, but I told him again just to write it down, and not to question me. Josh didn't even know how many points the word would qualify for, because it was so long! (11 points, just so you know.)

Jess pointed out that the group at the table next to us had a batch of cookies. I was thinking about asking them if they would share. I didn't. Bummer. I think I could've scored some. Still got that cake leftover from Sarah's birthday...sweet :)

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