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How I Know

I'm home, in case you haven't figured that out yet. No, not in my room in Fuller Hall; that's not home. Home is where I run and paddle around half naked half the day, tormenting my niece and nephews until they start asking me, "Uncle Johnny, when are you going back?"

Of course, being home is distinctly different than being in Kentucky. Other than the fact that I smiled like an idiot when the plane was landing, how do I know I'm home? Well, let me list the ways...

When I got to the park after getting in from the 'Ville, Leonard hands me a tray of au poke. For you white folks, that's seasoned raw fish. Yes, it's eaten like that - raw. that's love :)

Kayla's first words to me as she gave me a hug? "You're late."

The smell of the flowers. *Sigh*.

I told Mary and Kawika that I know I'm home when I automatically start talking in pidgin to people, and I don't even realize it.

Zippy's. Andrew said he wanted to buy me lunch from Zippy's, and I told him that while I wasn't too hungry, I could definitely go for a "snack". I said I'd take a Zip Pac, which I claimed I probably wouldn't finish, since I was just "snacking". Uhhh...Andrew wasn't convinced that I would have leftovers...and rightly so ;)

People look...local. The Asian folks don't look like twinkies, the haole folks don't look or sound quite so haole, and everybody else...well...they all complain appropriately about the City and County, so they gotta be local. Which means, of course, that I'm home ;)

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