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Whenever I leave Louisville to go home, it seems I'm never really ready to fly. There's an inevitable rush of errands to run, executed at a speedwalk rather than a run, along with the mountain of things I've neglected for a week or so because I think it'll be more fun to do them all at the last minute. Dahmy. It was like that last October, and it's like that now. Then it was Boyce's Preview Weekend, and now there's the New Attitude Conference and a bunch of guys staying in my room, not to mention late night Steak 'N Shake runs with Jim Winn and whomever else I might reunite with over the weekend.

Did I mention I don't know when I'll get to wash clothes, pack, or sleep?

Unfortunately, my time in Hawai'i is substantially shorter this time around. I've got mixed emotions about that, too. I want to be there and see people and places I miss, but I've got responsibilities here that aren't going to go away. And despite popular opinion about the ever-present and great desire to stay at home, there's almost no chance I'd just ditch out on my return flight and stick around for a while longer.

It's crazy, I know. Crazy. How crazy? I still need a ride to the airport :) Maybe I'll make Jim Winn take me...

posted by Bolo | 6:01 PM
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