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When I was chatting with Darren the other night, he reminded me of something that's been stuck in my head ever since. He said that in all that we do, all that we experience in life, it is so that we might be conformed to the image of Christ. God works all things for our good; in doing this, He conforms us to the image of His precious Son, thereby displaying the glory of God in us.

What Darren said also triggered the memory of something I recently heard R.C. Sproul say. He was talking about how he's often asked why he seems to speak so much on the holiness of God, and that people will often presume he's a very holy man. He kind of chuckled and shook his head at that point, telling us that the very reason he finds it so necessary to talk so much about God's holiness is precisely because he himself is so unholy. The point he made was that in order for sinners just like us to have even the tiniest hope of being conformed to the image of Christ, we must desperately gaze upon the one and only Holy One of Israel, even though, for a while, the light of His holy presence seems only to illumine the sin in our hearts.

posted by Bolo | 3:41 PM
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