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It's early in the morning here in Hawai' at home. It's quiet in this house, just like it always seems to be in this neighborhood. Andrew is about to head to bed, and the rest of the Uchidas are already asleep.

But for some reason, even with all the lack of sleep, jet lag, hours spent chasing down volleyballs and footballs and frisbees, and countless number of times I've frowned intimidatingly at little kids, I'm still awake. Is that normal? Yup. But why I'm awake is a little different. Very different. I'm happy to be home, but not in the same way as I've been in the past. It's more of a relief this time around, truth be told. I feel as though I needed to get away from life back in the 'Ville, and this is the perfect way to do so: spending a week at home, a week celebrating something that's been a long time in the making.

*Sigh*'s good to be home. It's just wrong that Boss can't be here with us, it really is. We miss him, and he knows it. It doesn't mean we'll celebrate any less, though...he wouldn't want us to. Of course, our kind of celebrating isn't so much found in making a big deal of the little things as it is in just enjoying the little things. How so? Well, when Andrew and I were driving over to Kailua this afternoon, I kind of paused in the middle of our conversation and told him, "You know, this feels totally normal. Like no time has passed at all, and we're just doing what we always do." He agreed, naturally. It did feel normal, just as though no time had passed at all since we last saw one another face to face. If Boss were here, he'd say the same thing. Why? It's 'cause we enjoy the little things...we always have. It's what makes

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