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Banquet Bonuses

I must admit, having Rob Smythe and Ryan Szrama sit with us last night was beyond priceless. Between Szrama's blatant mooching (I know I know, look who's's like the Hawaiian calling the Mexican an ethnic minority) and the expectant awkwardness Smythe's mere presence brings, the two of them had me laughing the whole night. My favorite Szrama/Smythe moment occured when today's Bandfest was announced by Kristin Yeldell. Upon hearing Kristin tell the crowd that you can't beat the all-you-can-eat hot dogs, burgers, chips, and drinks at Bandfest, Szrama, in his slow-steady-superchill-smooth Szrama fashion, quickly quipped, "Speedway."

Who else, other than his wife and I, noticed that Scott's tie matches his hair perfectly?

As some of you may recall from my last trip home in October, I was staying at my mom's place on my jaunt through paradise. Part of the benefits of staying at home with your mom is that she feels no lack of motherly instinct kicking in: she fed me, did my laundry, made sure I was taking my vitamins, and offered to wash my seersucker suit in the washing machine. *Gasp!* It's a good thing she asked rather than just did it, 'cause if she had just gone ahead and washed it, I wouldn't been able to sport the suit last night. Andrew knows and understands what I'm talking about...he was there when she brought it up, which means that he was there to hear the blood pumping through the veins near my forehead. *Whew!*

Speaking of suiting up, Joel "Babyface" Crouse's outfit was hot. Nick's little bro looked quite spiffy, especially in the presence of the rest of the Boyce College Mafia. Of course, my opinion on this matter is a little biased; his outfit belonged to me ;)

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