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The middle to end of May always bears many wonderful and welcome gifts: flowers, the first hints of a South Shore summer swell, the waxing of the baseball season, and much more that I can't possibly remember this early in the morning. Such a stretch of time also portends the long and lazy days of summer vacations.

College students know well the wide variety of ways in which they might spend those days between semesters. Yet, before they can even embark upon such days, they must do one of several things successfully, not least of which hinges upon this most important and imitable ability: setting an alarm clock.

You see, if one desires to catch an early flight to Overgaard, Arizona, the place one calls home, one must be able to employ some means by which one will be woken up. If one does not do so, one might possibly have one's brother knocking on one's door ten minutes after one was already supposed to leave campus, telling one that one's ride, a most prompt Hawaiian (stop laughing! It's possible!), is already up and waiting for one to drag one's butt out of bed to get oneself ready and off to the airport.

Michael Butterworth brilliantly failed in this regard. Still, he's now on his way to Overgaard ;)

posted by Bolo | 7:02 AM
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