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Well well well. 'Tis past 1:30 in the morning, and the day that's long since seen its setting sun has been quite unique. I may recount it for you later in greater detail and lesser dementia, but for now, I'll leave you with some verbal reflection of a random rendering.

I've been scarred. I won't say why, but I'm scarred. And no matter what they say, I don't blush. Ever.

Ok, that last claim wasn't true. I think I blushed once in the seventh grade.

Despite the typo and awkward syntax and diction in the post from yesterday (now corrected and revised), I still got a link from Adrian Warnock. I'm not extensively familiar with him or his beliefs, but a quick perusal of his blog has piqued my interest. Good stuff, it seems.

Tonight, I nearly scared the pee out of Taryn Walker. Literally. I'm not kidding. Lauren and I were looking for a little...oh...sumthin' sumthin' to do after getting back to campus from Scott and Emily's, so we decided to watch Taryn walk into the Patio Room. When she was in there, we, the clandestine cohort, agreed that it would be quite bad of me to go hide under her car and wait for her to come back so I could grab her leg. As for what actually took place...let's just say that I'm glad Taryn didn't have a full bladder.

J. Andrew Wood may look innocent and sweet, but the man is anything but. Yup.

Around 8:15 PM, Lauren figured that the streak had been going on for about 7 hours straight. By the time I walked into Fuller 120, that statistic had increased to 12 hours. Scarred, I tell you, scarred.

I couldn't remember the title of the movie Gremlins, and the kids in the youth group that I was with had no idea which movie I was talking about. When I called Leo for help, he asked me, "Is that all? Can't you come up with something harder?" Aaaahhhh, nothing like a little love from a brother, eh?

"Wendy's." That's all I needed. He knew that's all I would need, too :)

Running into Eric and Pat at the conference was very, very cool. I'd not seen those monkeys in over two years, so it was a wonderful thing to be able to chat with them once more.

Despite what Mr. Losey thinks, individuals of the male persuasion do indeed call my phone.

Did you know that the E.Y. stands for Edgar Young? Yes, ladies, this is referring to your collective domicile.

I've seen it all. She keeps spoons in her car. Why? They're "microphones" for her to sing with. Um. Ok. Mmmhhhmm. Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight.

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