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Sustenance Acquisition

It was roughly 6:25 PM. I'd missed Mimbs' call, so I called him back. He asked me if I was going to the conference. I told him I wasn't. He asked if I was able to go, meaning that I wasn't working. I told him I was, and asked him why he asked. He then told me that a friend of his, a pastor from Georgia, wasn't able to make it and so was wondering if I was interested in taking his place.

I'll be honest. I didn't even pray about it.

I called Gary on my way over. I told him that I'd not only heard R.C. Sproul preach this morning in chapel, but that I was going to the conference for free. He didn't disappoint me one bit in his infamous and strangely affectionate response: "I hate you."

After I got off the phone with Gary, I thought about what an amazing opportunity this was. I'd heard about the conference almost as soon as it had gone public. I'd followed the hype, read a little from the blog, and could even claim firsthand experience in conversing with several of those amazing men. Yet, I knew for a long while that I wouldn't be able to afford the conference, despite wanting to go. But what happens? Half an hour before it starts, I found myself on my way to a wonderful gathering of men, brothers in Christ, leaders, teachers, shepherds, those whom we hold in esteem and authority.

This definitely beats out any food for my body I could have acquired, for it was food for the soul.

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