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Random thoughts of a rambunctious and ramshackle nature abound today. Here, in no particular order, are a few of them.

I think, if my memory serves me correctly, it's Mon and Dave's last day in Hawai'i. Hmmm...maybe I should call 'em or something. Maybe.

Toto Afternoons are being added to Toto Nights at Scott & Emily's. Such things are quite nice to the perpetually hungry Hawaiian :)

That door to the stall in the men's bathroom in Immanuel Baptist Church, the one that doesn't have a bolt or a latch or anything to keep it closed? needs something to keep it closed.

Talked to Mr. Field yesterday for a good bit. First time since...oh...last November? December? It's been a while, either way. I should go out to Oregon to see them...wouldn't that be nice :)

Speaking of old friends, I was quite blessed to see not just Jim, but other old and dear friends at the conference. As if that weren't enough, I then walked into church this morning and saw Matt and Ginger, with the not-so-little Blake (that kid's got a huge head) in tow. I suppose it's yet another sign that I've been here for a while when I'm one of the ones they recognize when they get back in town. Hmmm.

From a chat log with Sarah Cress:
SarahCress99 (9:42:34 PM): ok, i think i'm going to go for a walk now.
SarahCress99 (9:42:39 PM): are you at work?
SarahCress99 (9:42:56 PM): i'm asking you to take a walk with me.....
SarahCress99 (9:43:15 PM): i thought i might be nice and drop your books off
SarahCress99 (9:43:29 PM): i was making sure someone would be there if i did
SarahCress99 (9:43:42 PM): i'm NOT
SarahCress99 (9:43:52 PM): NOT asking you to take a walk with me
SarahCress99 (9:44:24 PM): OH MY GOODNESS!!!! I just read what i wrote up there.

Miss Christine Robertson tried to impress Mr. Ruszkiewicz and me by flaunting her views on doctrine and polity last night, but didn't do so well. At one point in the conversation, she said, "My favorite pastor is John Dever."

Two more hours, and it's May. Eight more hours, and it'll be May in Hawai'i. That means it'll be Lei Day. *Sigh*...I miss those. I didn't care much for them when I was in school, save for the fact that Lei Day meant we had some program that we got to cut out of class for, but now...I'd give a lot just to be able to smell the flowers.

Oh, and by the way, today is not National Coffee Day. Just thought I'd let all of you know that :)

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