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"Mornings are the best. I wake up and she's right there, and I look at her and she looks so innocent and sweet. Then she wakes up and starts talking and I realize she's not so innocent and sweet."
-Chriyus Davis, on marriage

"I was going into the elevator in Mullins, and nobody was around me so I farted really loud. Then I realized that there was the sound of someone typing, but right after I farted, the typing just stopped."

"This isn't fair - Prybys only got on your wall of quotes because pretty much anything that proceeds from her mouth is notably retarded."
-Jessica Cimato

"Did you or did you not carry a briefcase in high school?"
-C.J. Mahaney to Mark Dever

"If I was bored and had a lot of spare time, I would count how many pictures of Lauren Duncan I had on my computer."
-Pablo Butterworth

"You know, if you keep breathing like that when I talk to you about girls, you're never going to get married."
-Me, to an anonymous Boyce College male with a younger brother named Michael and a job in Founders' Cafe

"You're a rent-a-cop? Can I rent you?"
-Sarah El-Masri

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