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Mobile Madness

So. Remember that party I was at the other night? I neglected to mention what might turn out to be the most memorable part of the evening. The party was set to start at 7, so Lance and I made our way over to the house a little after 8. We were stopped before we could cross over the train tracks by a train, so I got out of his Jeep to snap off a few shots. Once at the house, we didn't stay too long, since we were planning on getting back to Carver so we could watch the movie being shown in Boyce Chapel. Once the movie started, Tweety asked me if I had a watch, since he had to leave early to work at UPS and wanted to monitor the time closely. I patted my pockets in vain, realizing as I did so that my phone was not on me. Figuring it was back at the house, I calmly watched the rest of the movie with everyone else.

Had I known that it was sitting out near the train tracks near where Galt and Frankfort intersect for anyone to run over or freely acquire, I might not have watched the movie quite so calmly.

Fortunately for me, Job and Emily saw it on their way over to the party and picked it up. He said he was scrolling through the contacts list and realized it belonged to someone from the Seminary when he saw Cam Ly's name in there. When Josh Cornett called his phone from it and saw my name pop up, they officially proclaimed me the luckiest dimwit of the evening.


posted by Bolo | 9:10 PM
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