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I Think I Think

As an avid reader of's Peter King, I've always loved pondering over and laughing at his "I think I think" section in the Monday Morning Quarterback. In honor of that, here are The Top Ten Things I Think I Think about Boyce College:

10. I think that there are far too many girls holed up in Mullins with nothing better on their minds than playing practical jokes on the girls who aren't spending their Spring Reading Days in the dorms. You know who you are.

9. I think that Sarah Cress telling me that it took Heidi four minutes to come out of the closet made my eyes lose their Asian and go nearly Caucasian.

8. I think that seeing Brad Walker, former middle blocker on Missouri Baptist's men's volleyball team, getting blocked at the net by a girl barely past the Britney Ables range in veritcal stature has got to be one of the funniest things ever. Too bad I missed seeing it in person :(

7. I think that if Rob Smythe and I went on a mission trip this summer, and Smythe got martyred while saving my life, I, in turn, would face the near-immeasurable wrath of a good portion of the female communities of Boyce College and Immanuel Baptist Church.

6. I think that nearly anything that would cause Katy Barnes to blush would probably make me laugh for a good, long while. At Katy, of course.

5. I think that I will never, ever, ever ride in any vehicle that Megan Lebo is driving. Again.

4. I think the idea of a buffet on campus for dinner is absolutely wonderful.

3. I think the Mullins Lounge should come complete with a jukebox that plays only Barry White classics. Just kidding! Ok, maybe signs that read, "Leave Room for the Holy Spirit!" or, "No Speaking in Tongues!"

2. I think that Jason Davis has got to be the most Uncoordinated but Really Really Athletic Looking Kid I've ever seen in my life. I think that every time I see him play sports.

1. I think that Todd Thomas and Eric Yeldell need to get together and start selling Worship Leader Bobblehead Dolls, with the two of them being the first ones on the market. They'd come complete with Todd's trademark nod and Eric's slightly more subtle side-to-side shake. Maybe we can even call Todd's likeness "The Todd Nod". Oohh, and we could even have a special limited-edition Todd that says, "Go Bulldogs!" right after the end of a recording of Soldiers of Christ in Truth Arrayed.

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