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Going, Going...

Today is Mon and Dave's last day here. As in, the last. Oh, still gotta give them the...uhhh...nevermind. Anyway, when I walked into Sunergos yesterday, I was quite surprised to run into my sister. People have been asking, so I'll go ahead and say it: I miss her and Dave already. I do. It's kind of strange to think about it. They've meant so much to so many people; in a sense, it might be harder for those others to say goodbye than it is for me. I think that's because we know we're still family, and there's no way we'll forget that...that's just how my family is. Yes, for you Lilo & Stitch fans, 'ohana means family. I'll leave the rest for you to finish. :)

When Mon and I talk about home, it's different than talking about it than with the rest of our siblings. It might be the distance, it might be the time away, but most of all, it's a love for our home and our family that makes us hurt the most. Ministry there is hard, and ministry to our family is even harder. Dave and Mon know that very well, as do I. Maybe someday, they'll get to really go home. Hmmm...maybe I'll be there with them. Wouldn't that be something?

posted by Bolo | 11:40 AM
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