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Feeling Crabby

I love my brother. I love all of my siblings, but my brother holds a special place in my heart. For one thing, he's my only brother. For another thing, we're very much alike in a handful ways. If you'd like to know precisely how we're alike, ask our sisters; I'm sure they'll give you more than an ear full and several rolls of their eyeballs as they knowingly and authoritatively inform you. We also have our differences, and they are many and deep. Perhaps our eerie similarities make our differences stand out all the more.

One thing we share is our appetite and love for food. Those of you faithful readers who've never met my brother probably shot your eyebrows up and nodded in understanding, as your knowledge of my brother increased roughly tenfold with that statement. Being that my brother and I are so similarly inclined when it comes to the sustenance pertaining to our respective bodies, it is a very safe statement to say that my brother knows precisely when a particularly delectable morsel or two, which would not be easily obtained by a landlocked, poor college student such as myself, might be desired greatly by my demanding taste buds.

Such was the case this weekend past, when my family gathered to celebrate his birthday. He's old, by the way, a good six and a half years older than me. Apparently a good portion of this most festive feast was crab.


Oh, how I long for seafood, how I deliriously dream of bountiful and boundless bowls of belly ballast from the briny blue! He knows this. He knew it went he sent me the picture to mock me.

Do you see my predicament? Aaaaahhhh, this, my family, my own flesh and blood, would open wide the wounds which waylay me! Such an injustice, I tell you! Even though he said it was Lisa's idea, I know he protested not one iota. He's evil, there's no doubt about, and I'll grant him no quarter in when I exact my revenge.

Besides, I'd do the same to him in a heartbeat :)

posted by Bolo | 1:25 AM
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