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Close Call

Once upon a time, when I desired to sound particularly long-winded and important, my job title went something like this:

John Letoto, Computer Specialist and Deputy Director for Information Management at the TRICARE Pacific Lead Agency, based out of the Tripler Army Medical Center in Honolulu, Hawai'i, under the direction of Major General Nancy R. Adams, RN

Yeah. Whatever. All that that meant is that, when it came to storing and protecting data, particularly data that is stored or handled by a computer, I knew a thing or two. Roaming profiles, VPN's, SCSI setups, RAID arrays, server racks, daily backups...those were things I dreamed about and drooled over. Figuratively, of course, 'cause one should never drool over a bunch of Seagate Cheetah 15k drives in a RAID array; that would be bad.

Which brings me to the point of this post: Liquid spilled on electronic devices is not a good thing. Liquid on an electronic device that holds over 7 gigabytes of files that are not backed up anywhere else...very much not a good thing.

Pablo's laptop faced such a fate on Monday. The files that were in excess of 7 gig's? My entire archive of photos. Yeah. Not good. Fortunately, I was able to press the files to CD before Pablo had his laptop sent out for repairs...*whew*.

posted by Bolo | 2:35 PM
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