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Promises, Promises

I got scolded today. One of the guys on my tour brought his mom with him; once she found out that I often take a...well...a somewhat discombobulatedly and disordinately but relatively long while between phone calls to my mom, I knew I was in for it. She made me promise to call my mom tomorrow night, and in return, she promised to send cookies.

I don't mind that setup ;)

The week is nearly at an end, but for roughly seventy Boyce students, it's somewhat of a beginning. The annual Boyce College Spring Retreat is set to start in a couple of hours, but my eyeballs are ready for bed. I was thinking back to Spring Retreats past, and it's hard to get really excited about this one. At least, it's hard to get excited for the same reasons. The very first one was...well...I remember kickball, Ray complaining about the food, Stephen Ward not getting any sleep, and Chuck Hedden complaining about the stickiness. I remember last year's; Scott and I had to turn around just after leaving campus 'cause we forgot directions...or something close to it. I suppose the lack of excitement comes from not having the same people there that always used to be there. Oh well...we'll see. If all else fails, I know I can get some sleep.

posted by Bolo | 3:46 PM
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