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Not So Manic Monday

It's a little past 8 on a Monday morning. I'm awake, and have been so for nearly an hour and a half at this point. I don't wake up early for just anything, but getting together with Chriyus at Java was more than ample reason to forego a greater degree of uninterrupted rest.

When he picked me up, I told him I needed him to tell me of the gospel, because my soul desperately needed it. Still does, as a matter of fact. We spent nearly an hour talking about our lives and the neverending need to be saved from our sin and the wretchedness it colors our lives with. When I look back over times like those, I sometimes realize with awe and wonder that the Lord has not only ordained such moments, not only rejoices over our souls as we speak sweet and savory things of Him, but has granted sinners like us a righteousness in Christ that did not change one bit from before I got into the car with Chriyus to after I got out.

posted by Bolo | 8:16 AM
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