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Happy Birthday(s)!

It's my blog's birthday. One night three years ago, the very first post was made in the Southern Seminary Ambassador office while waiting for Mon to finish up her phone calls. It's a little crazy to think that there's been three years of blogging done here, but I've no qualms in stating that I look forward to much, much, much more blogging for another three years and beyond.

On another note, it's also my brother's birthday. I know I know I know, it's more than a little humorous that I write about my blog's birthday before my brother's, but oh well...the majority of readers know my blog more than they do my brother. Heck, some of you readers know my blog more than you know me.

Being that I worked a graveyard shift last night, I gave Leonard a call just before 9 PM Hawai'i time. I wished him a happy birthday, telling him that since it was his birthday where I was, it was totally legit. He sounded somewhat skeptical of my good intentions until I said, "Hey, you should feel very special, 'cause this is probably just the fourth time in my life I've been early for something."

His hearty laughter could be heard above the din of the Karaoke bar in the background :)

posted by Bolo | 1:52 PM
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