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The Moment

Scott and I had been talking about this at length for some time now. The anticipation was high, the reality was becoming crisp. Soon, the moment would come. The weeks and days had crept along slowly, but there we were, standing in readiness. Before we knew it, the hours had been shaved to mere minutes.

It was something that had kept us up late into many an early morning, that made us shake our heads in disbelief, that had us wondering at the goodness of God over and over and over again. It was something that neither one of us had experienced, yet we knew to be good, to be right. This was, in all honesty, something we could hardly believe was happening, yet relished with even greater amazement precisely because it was so good, so unbelieveable.

The moment drew nigh. The minutes turned into seconds, our breaths became deeper and more deliberate, and every savory second that passed by was less important than the one to follow.

It was Scott and Emily's wedding day, and he was about to see his bride.

Just minutes before, when we were still standing outside of Broadus Chapel, he turned to the guys around him and said that we were the ones he wanted there with him. We were the ones who knew what this meant, who'd hoped and yearned and prayed for this day together with him. Wow...what an honor! He'd had a grin on his face just then, but that one would pale in comparison to the one he'd have when he saw his bride.

It was a hard moment for me when the bridesmaids began to walk down the aisle. I'd been thinking about watching Scott's face, thinking about feeling the joy emanate from him. What I hadn't counted on was my own joy overflowing as tears came to my eyes. When those last seconds slid away, he looked down. This would be it. His bride had been made ready, she had prepared herself for him, and she had come.

I had a difficult time deciding who to watch. They both glowed...that's probably the best I could put it. Anything more would detract from what I saw. Scott had the biggest smile I've ever seen on his face, and the entire time Emily walked down the aisle, he was positively trembling with joy.

The reason we spent so many late nights conversing about this moment was not merely because he wanted to get married. It wasn't even because Emily was the woman of his dreams (even though she was more than his dreams could have made...believe me). What made his joy so full was the knowledge that this was God's gracious glimpse into seeing and savoring the joy that we shall share at the marriage supper of the Lamb, when we as Christ's bride will be presented to Him. She, Christ's bride, is the church, who will be dressed in fine linen, white and clean. It is then when we shall rejoice with a joy heretofore unknown, when the fullness of heaven shall be realized as we can only long for now.

Their wedding was a celebration not only of the covenant that Scott and Emily have entered into, but of the covenant that God instituted with His people. That's what kept us up late, and that's what keeps us yearning still.

posted by Bolo | 11:57 PM
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