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Sometimes, life really stinks. I mean, it really stinks. It reeks. Right now, I'd love to say it reeks, but I can't.

The slow, inevitable, unbelievable sight of my phone falling out of the chair and onto the ground where it snapped in two was merely the latest event that God's used to remind me that He is sovereign. I discussed this with Jim on the way to Steak 'N Shake last night, recounting to him the thoughts that Mr. O'Neal (Scott's dad) shared over the weekend. He'd said that in times of trial and unexplained suffering, it is such a sweet and good thing to know that we rest in God's sovereignty.

Of course, easier said than done. After sitting there for several minutes with my broken in my hands, I sat down and read some Scripture. That was the only thing that would serve my soul. As I processed the story of David's great sin and the aftermath of it, I was hit very keenly by one thing: when the child that God said He would take away had died, David got up worshiped the LORD.

I didn't lose a child. Not even close. Even now, as I ponder what the phone meant to me, I'm ashamed at how materialistic I am. Will my heart worship the LORD?

posted by Bolo | 8:33 PM
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