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This week provided many a funny moment, many of which provided many a funny quote. Here are a handful...some of you may get them, some of you may not. Rest assured that no matter what, I find them humorous, and that's all that counts ;)

"If she's Princess Leia, you're the rogue scoundrel Han Solo stealing her away from all the decent guys."
-Paul Butterworth, describing the state of one person's relational affairs at Boyce College.

"Young men, wholesome and gay. No, just wholesome."
-Dr. Mohler, who was as embarassed as I've ever seen him.

"So what if I know that you know that I know what you're saying that I know? It's amusing to me to pretend not to know what I know 'cause you think that I know what I know but you're not sure that I know what I know 'cause you have no idea how I'd find out what I know, but I still know. And you know how I know? 'Cause I'm John Letoto. I know."
-Me, talking to a couple of young ladies who shall remain nameless.

"Uuuuuhhhh, yeah. Yeeaaaah. important do you think is, uuuhhhhh, yeah...physical appearance?"
-Rob Smythe, posing a question to Dean Scroggins in Dr. Scott's Marriage and the Family class.

"Hey! How are you doing?"
-Rob Smythe, posing another question to Dean Scroggins in Dr. Scott's Marriage and the Family class, just before Dean Scroggins walked out the door.

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