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The percentage of nights that Scott sleeps in my room is slowly creeping upward. I'm sure it'll increase still further when papers and exams hit. Actually, once I begin to fold the clothes that I've been needing to fold for the past few weeks, I'll be able to unpack a little and finally move in the couch that's been sitting out in the hallway for the past week, all of which will improve the sleeping/living/chillin'/studying conditions. Soon enough, soon enough.

Scott had stolen my blanket from me on Monday night, so I took this picture to document the fact that he was kind enough to acquire a blanket from someone else (I'm presuming that Chriyus wasn't yet sleeping when the lending took place) so that I would not go cold through the night.

Bonhoeffer once wrote on the cost of discipleship. I think Scott may one day write a book on the cost of friendship with me, 'cause as soon as you become my friend, you must learn to overcome the constant fear of being blogged about. I mean, I'm sure that Scott feels tremendous relief that I'm only posting this picture and not writing about what he was dreaming while I took this picture ;)

posted by Bolo | 1:59 AM
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