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Earlier today I was thinking about the times I'd hike Aiea Loop Trail. Often, I'd do just a portion of it by myself after work; the afternoon sun casting a happy glow through the branches and leaves, the solitude lending a surreal quality to the familiar jaunt. Sometimes Jon and I would go together. Those times were great, too, as we spent many an afternoon talking about life.

That reminds me...I spoke with Jon last weekend. He's doing well, which doesn't surprise me. Makes me happy, in fact. A little sad, too, truth be told. It humbles me to think back to when I first met Jon. That day is still pretty clear in my mind; I think it was nearly a decade ago. He was our new Youth Pastor, and I was a Junior in high school. The day was...oh...I forget the official title, but it had something to do with the various ministries at FCF. Gary would certainly remember. Anyway, my first impression of Jon, other than the fact that he was very white, was that he was a close talker. Yeah, I know, not exactly the most inspiring first impression for a guy that would become a great friend and discipler, but that's what I remember. Go figure.

We'd go through a lot together in the years following that first meeting. He still holds over my head the fact that he poured two solid years into me when he'd first gotten to FCF, and that I gave him nothing back. Nothing. At least, not immediately. My smug retort was that the Lord's timing is perfect, and His word does not return void; it merely returned a little later than Jon was expecting. Nevertheless, all playful banter aside, Jon and I were blessed with a friendship that bore much, much fruit. Sure, we're now at different places and being grown in different ways, but it's refreshing to know that he's still the same Jon that would call me up at 10:30 at night just to see if I wanted to help move furniture. Why'd he call? 'Cause he knew I'd show up :)

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