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Yesterday, I posted a few quotes from the past week. Today, I'm posting a few thoughts and stories from roughly the same time period. Here they are, in no particular order.

A couple of months ago, Cleve had called me out of the blue to chat. I was having dinner with Scott, Emily, and Biggz, so we didn't talk for very long, but before he got off he told me that he had a girl to tell me about. Although at the time he told me that she was part Japanese, I wasn't sure where the relationship was, so I didn't think about it too much. On Tuesday, Cleve and I were chatting over AIM. A big portion of that chat covered The Girl. He told me he was going to visit her shortly, and then emailed me a few pictures of her. She looked good. Very good. Definitely part Japanese, and definitely not the girl I figured Cleve would end up with. Much to my shame (but not sorrow), I very jokingly asked Cleve, "So what's wrong with her? Terminal illness? Missing a limb? What's the scoop?" He found that amusing, then told me that she also had a nose ring. Whoa! When I showed her picture to Scott, Mr. O'Neal's eyes bugged out and said, "That's Cleve's girl?!?!?!" I knew exactly how he felt. When we discussed it later with Lucas and Tom, the consensus was the same: way to go Cleve.

But a nose ring? Whoa. Oh...the four of us also agreed that the Cleveland family is just like the Butterworth family, 'cause if you see one, there's no mistaking them for something else. And, both families have three boys...hmmm...Cleve and Pablo are both the old fogies of the three bro's...hmmm, indeed.

Next random thought. I've decided that having people on the Radar is far less weird than having them moved to Tracking status. Why is that? 'Cause when you move people to Tracking, there's a whole new set of rules that you must go by, and they're far more complicated than when they're simply on the Radar. The funny thing is that it's sometimes hard to tell when people are bumped up on the Radar and have to be moved to Tracking. *Sigh* ridiculous. (If you understood this random tidbit, congratulations! You probably think far too abstractly than is healthy for you.)

Volleyball...Boyce vs. Southern...*sigh*. Here's what my reply is to those who think I'm a miracle worker: If you give me water and dirt, I can only make mud. If you give me water and dirt and a little time, I might be able to make a sculpture, but it'll still be ugly, and it'll still look like I made it out of mud. Of course, we still had a blast getting blasted, and those monkeys who played on the Sem team will still get blasted next Wednesday when we suit up once again in Levering, so I don't feel too bad. Unless, of course, I find out from Flip that we would've gotten a free meal at Outback Steakhouse if we had won ;)

Sarah Cress finds it amusing that I refer to my mommy as "my mommy." I told Sarah that I usually greet my mother's calls with a hearty, "hey," or a somewhat negligent, "yeah." 'Tis my silly, playful side coming out, and not at all disrespectful. Of course, Sarah told my mommy that I was having Girls Night last night, and that they were trying to find me a wife. I told Sarah I'm going to retract her invitation if she keeps it up :)

During Dr. Mohler's class on Friday morning, my phone had an incoming call. I checked it, and the panel read "UNKNOWN" where the caller ID appears. I figured it was Boss, but I couldn't answer it during class, ya know? When I checked my voicemail, it was indeed Boss. *Sigh*'s been nearly a month since he's left, and I've missed at least two more of his calls :(

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