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Whoa. That's my one-word summation of Boyce College's Fall 05 Orientation. Whoa.

The entire process started out rather dubiously. We were told to meet in the Patio Room at 9:15 on Friday morning, as Kristin wanted to take our pictures. No problem, since move-in for new students started at 10, and we were all set to help out with that anyway. So I set the alarms on my phone for 8ish. All three of them. I figured there wouldn't be a problem getting up.

There was a problem getting up. When my eyes opened, I looked over at my phone, and the digits glared at me: 9:15.


I was supposed to be at the Patio Room at 9:15. Yeah. I'd had a problem getting up. I threw on my handy dandy Boyce College Howdy Group Leader t-shirt and my annointed moving day shorts and ran over to Carver. The problem with running under such conditions? I hadn't even bothered to relieve my rather fully-loaded bladder of its contents, which made for a high degree of discomfort during the run. Nevertheless, I got there before the pictures were taken, so no harm done.

The moving itself didn't seem nearly so hectic as last year's. I told Scott that it didn't quite seem right that he wasn't a part of it. (We should've made a cone run.) By the time the moving was done, I still felt like I hadn't met a lot of new students...sort of strange, considering there were new faces all over the halls.

The Commissioning Service was...well...more filled than last year's. I went to my room to grab a roll of toilet paper (for a game, silly), and when I got back, the Howdy Leaders were getting ready to go up front. Before I knew it, Wendy and I had a room full of somewhat unfamiliar faces staring at us. I can't say that I was as excited about this year's orientation as I was about last year's, but I do feel that our group will be better this year than last's. Call it a gut feeling, but I do. On a side note, Wendy and I must have gotten every single new Brian at Boyce College in our Howdy Group, 'cause every time I said, "Brian," about half the room looked up. At least, that's the way it seemed :)

Day two was less crazy. I think. No, check that, it was just as crazy, but I was more tired, so I noticed the craziness less. I did get up on time, though! We seemed to always be crunched for time, but the overall effect seemed to be that the new students continued to get more and more comfortable and therefore enjoyed themselves more. I, too, became more and more comfortable with the group (even Miss Melancholy herself, Rachel Whatsherlastname), which made for a great deal Use your imagination as to how I had fun with the Howdy Group :)

Orientation for the Fall '05 semester is over and done. Now begins the hard part. Will Wendy and I be faithful to those whom the Lord has given us to guide through this semester? Will we rely upon His strength, constantly seeking Him in weakness? Will we hope in all the hope and promises that are ours in Christ, and will we do so with our whole hearts? I don't know the answers to these; only time will tell.

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