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Some people sing in the shower. Some try to sing in the shower. I don't bother with that. Instead, I do in the shower what I'm always doing outside of it: thinking.

A lot.

Today, my thinking was rather clouded. I was thinking about sin ( surprise there, huh?), and how it's something that can seem to be so crippling. I don't think I've blogged this before, but I've often told people that sin can be like a hot cup of coffee. How so? If you drink it before the proper time, your tongue can get scalded in such a way that anything else you eat or drink over the next several days will be tinged by that scalding. In the same way, sin scalds our souls in such a way that no matter how satisfying something may be, we will often have a difficult time properly enjoying any good thing, particularly Christ. Our capacity to enjoy those things that are good and sweet to our souls can become severely crippled. Note, however, that this is often something that the Lord kindly uses to grant us sorrow over sin, and over the offense of His glory. (When I told Mr. Cavanaugh that analogy, he liked it so much that I then told him he could use it in a sermon. Has he done that yet, Abbicus Maximus?)

With that in mind, I realized something else that follows up on that line of thinking. In Colossians, Paul speaks about laboring according to the strength of God's glorious might in Christ. Many times, I'll think about laboring for His kingdom in that manner, but I'll equate that with the "positive" aspects of labor. Namely, those things that would seem to have a more wholesome and intrinsically positive bent to them. Such things would include evangelism, discipleship, bible studies, and so on and so forth. I do not, however, naturally include the fight against sin in that category. It seems that I think of that fight, that labor, as one that is less glorious, and therefore, for whatever moronic reason, I do not strive to labor "according to His glorious might in Christ." How foolish is that? Perhaps because I think of God as being holy, as being righteous, I do not want to "taint" Him with my fight against sin. But that's just it, isn't it? It's not just my fight against sin, for how could I ever put sin to death on my own? The death of Christ accomplished that, and the life of Christ displays His willingness to labor for me against the sins that wage war within me. Hmmm...all that in the shower :)

posted by Bolo | 7:31 PM
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