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Top Ten

Sometime in the wee hours of the morning...roughly twelve hours ago, perhaps idea for a post came into my head: the top ten places I'd love to be, other than here. So, here they no particular order...hmmm...hopefully I can come up with ten.

1. The Easton Town Center in Ohio. I could spend a whole week there and not spend a dime ('cause like Scott says, I'd somehow manage to get people to give me food). The flagship Express is there, along with a decently-sized Banana. Oh...let's not forget an absolutely ginormous (did you know that Webster's recently honored that "word"? Yep...they did) Barnes & Noble. But that's just the top of the shopping bag ;)

2. Ward Starbucks. 'Nuff said.

3. 509 N Judd St, circa late 2001 - early 2002. Aaahhhh...the fun days! Highlights include: watching David eat a banana...while it was still in the peel; calling 101.9 to win a free shirt...that Goose and Be and I would share...but never winning the shirt; Ben & Jerry's binges...two for five, baby; Jedi Outcast binges...and frustrations; Smashmouth's All Star; Shanghai...let's not forget Spike; and last but certainly not least, pouring icy water on Andy while he was in the shower. *Sigh* was good :)

4. Kewalo's. Duh.

5. Diamond Head. My arms would fall off, but no biggie :)

6. Europe (be quiet, Mike). I've always wanted to go on a jaunty trek through Europe...sip on an espresso in some outdoor café some cool Spanish relatives of from the Portuguese government 'cause they still have a ridiculous warrant out for my who-knows-how-many-great grandfather's pirating (the old fashioned stuff, not the stuff I did) know, the usual swashbuckling/romantic/heroic/Jedi-cool stuff everybody does in Europe ;)

7. The gym. Didn't want to drive over there, drive back home, then drive back over the river once more. Bleh.

8. Sushi King with Boss and Uch. The Midnight Special, baby :)

9. Oregon. Visiting Jon & Amy is a must. Eventually I'm sure it'll happen, but better sooner than later.

10. Aotearoa. Who wouldn't want to visit Middle-earth? Maybe I can see some of my long-lost relatives!

posted by Bolo | 3:14 PM
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