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I was talking to Boss, musing on a variety of things...Shizuoka Prefecture, his 6' 5" board, the Jamba at Ala's that doesn't exist, his allotment at Oakley, June 3rd of next year, this upcoming semester, and Revenge of the Sith. What I shared with him that was deepest on my heart, though, was the notion of how my hiding (or glossing over) my sin from the Lord is, in essence, an attempt to hide the public proclamation of God's just and righteous wrath together with His glorious and joyous grace upon the cross. How so? Well, think about it. My sin is the object of God's wrath, and I am the object of God's grace. Take away or lessen my sin (which, given sin's infinitely heinous and offensive nature toward God, is a moot point anyway), and there is no need for grace, let alone the infinite and surpassing degree of grace. Yet, my sin was indeed paid for upon the cross...all of my sin. God's glory was and is displayed in the punishment of my sin, because it was that punishment which then justified and justifies His myriad graces toward me. If, then, it is my sin which is being being proclaimed upon the cross, why would I "hide" it from God? Why would I try to minimize the horrors of my sin, particularly in light of the wonders of God's grace that is ours in Christ's work upon the cross? Yep...that was what I was talking with Boss about.

posted by Bolo | 1:08 PM
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