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Spring Banquet

Spring Banquet ' was the most funnest thing I've done in a while...definitely funner than this crazy week has been...even though that research paper on the church was second funnest :) Of myself, Rob, and Scott, I think Mr. President seemed to enjoy himself the most, hands down. I can't possibly conceive of what reason he'd have to have so much fun, though...*cough*. I had fun watching him have fun, watching Rob work his way through oodles of discomfort and uncertainty, and having fun with my date.

Fun highlights include...

Rob's "No Flower Card." An explanation to his date on why he didn't get her a flower...if I were Ashlea, I'd frame that thing and put it up on my wall :) Valerie's hair, which JV and Crazy Candace did a great job on. Hmmm...I didn't get that picture with the back of her head...that would've been great for the "silly factor"...oh well...I snuck in enough of the other pictures to make up for it ;) If I were to ask Scott today how Emily looked, I might not get a coherent answer, so I'll take the liberty of saying that she looked great. In fact, all the ladies looked great. Scott and Rob didn't look too shabby, either.

Which reminds me...Scott O'Neal, and ONLY Scott O'Neal, of all the people on this continent, can borrow one of my suits. And he did. But ONLY Scott O'Neal. He looked good last night, he looked very good. I told him the other day that if I were to die, he could have one of my suits. Andrew would get one of the others. The last one, I'd be buried in. Goose and Brian are too short, Rob is too tall, and nobody else would really appreciate (much less fit) them.

Back to the Banquet. It was a nice repast from the hustle and bustle of papers and finals, not to mention all the other zany happenings of Life. Everyone looked great (no silly outfits, like last year's Banquet produced), and I was particularly proud of my "work"...some people had dates, and some people had some nice suits to match their date's outfit. All in all, a very nice little evening. But now...*sigh*...back to work.

One more thing: Robbie Byrd isn't funny ;)

posted by Bolo | 12:23 PM
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