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The other night...last Thursday, I think it was...we got a lot of rain. A lot of rain. Nothing wrong with that, right? Nothing, save for the fact that Mike and I were hungry, and we didn't have any food in the dorms. So we drove to Penn Station. In the rain. Nothing wrong with that, right? Nothing, save for the fact that it was raining hard...really hard...and parts of Lexington Road were FLOODED.

Yeah. Something was wrong with that.

My little Camry was soon to be found crossing "puddles" of water about a foot deep. Yeah. Something was definitely wrong with that. It was a darn good thing we didn't have to cross anything deeper, 'cause if we had to cross anything deeper, there definitely would not have been any crossing going on...know what I mean? My brake pads were wet and slippery, my power steering was going in and out, and I nearly peed in my pants peering at and pondering the prodigious and prolific precipitation pouring upon our pathway, which then precipitated pandemonium pertaining to the pining over the potentially pedestrian nature the pathetic pair (Mike and I, that is) would portray upon our persons. Was this protagonist prone to perspiration? Precisely the point!

Nevertheless, I had a blast :) After we cleared the water, I was screaming at Mike, "ooooohhhhh my goodness, that was SOOOOO COOL!!! We should circle around and do it again!"

posted by Bolo | 11:57 PM
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