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Pablo's Pain

I should probably feel horrible. I should, in all seriousness, feel contrite. I should feel, at the very least, somewhat sorry. Or at least try to. But I'm not. In fact, if given the choice, I'd probably do it over again just so I could laugh the snot out of my nose. Well, I didn't really laugh that hard the first time, but it sure felt like I was. Mike defnitely sounded like he was laughing that hard. And Jason, to round things off, didn't help my sanctification by rolling around on the ground while he laughed.

Ok, maybe he wasn't rolling on the ground. He was just doubled over.

When I ran over Pablo's ankle today with my rear right tire, I'd like to say that I initially felt bad. Yet, as I search through my memory banks, the only emotion that I can remember feeling was...well...amusement. I think it was his pubescently pitched squeeling that did it for me. The sound that came forth from his pained countenance sounded somewhat akin to a teenage boy caught in the throes of an inordinately long voice crackage. Or, if you will, a twelve year old male Star Wars geek trying his best to imitate a Wookiee. Whatever the analogy, know that Pablo's pained cry caused, much to my shame but not necessarily chagrin, a plethora of comedic joy to flow forth from my soul.

See. I told you I should feel horrible ;)

posted by Bolo | 11:12 PM
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