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It's not a very strange thing, for me to be so weary at the end of a semester. What is strange, however, is to feel as though I'm still in the midst of it it, rather than at the end and having everything finished. I know why such a feeling exists, however, and that in and of itself is encouraging.

Wedding plans are well under way, and I'm stoked. No, not mine you ninnyhammers! I was able to run through some things with Andrew the other night, which was amusing on many levels. The fact that he went to a bridal expo (or something like it) and didn't get all grossed out impressed me a great deal. I'm sure the ensuing months will bring impressions of a far greater magnitude :)

When I popped into Smythe's room earlier today, he told me that he'd read yesterday's blog post. He then asked if I was going home. I reminded him that I was planning on being home in roughly a year, but for a wedding. know...I'm beginning to think that the only way I'll ever get home is marriage. No, not mine you ninnyhammers! OTHER PEOPLE getting married. Goose and Michelle's, Lisa and Jeff's, Andrew and Sandi's...hey, it's a recurring theme, spaced roughly a year and a half apart. Can't fool Boss this time around, though...or can I???

posted by Bolo | 10:42 PM
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