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Scott and Emily: that title ought to make you guys smile. It may be a "laughing out loud" smile, a nervous smile, even an "oh no what is Toto/Uncle John going to write" smile. Whatever the case, I know that this is a post you've been looking forward to with dreadful anticipation :) (Note to Abbicus Maximus: right about now would be a greeeaaaaat time to go and get your mom, if she's not already reading this post with you. Did you get her? Yes? Good. A happy belated Mother's Day to you, Mrs. Cavie! Don't worry, despite the rumors that are wildly flying around this campus, Emily absolutely, positively, without a doubt did not write Scott's Mother's Day card for his mom. I'm not sure if she purchased it for him or not, but I'm certain that she didn't write it. On a personal note, I just realized that your house was one of my highlights for both 2004 and was that amazing! Oh, and if you and the Mister have the sliiiiiightest desire at all to pass on any more hand-me-downs, feel free to do so...burr grinders, Gondorian Shields, street signs of streets rhyming with "turkey" obtained with only a minor degree of shadiness...I'm not above such gifts! )

So. Anyway. Last night, I had the distinct pleasure of taking Scott and Emily out on a "date". Normally, when the situation calls for one person to be the proverbial Third Wheel, a certain degree of discomfort or awkwardness hovers over the evening. Not so with last night. (Come to think of it, me being the Third Wheel is quite common...yet almost never awkward...hmmm...not sure why that's the case...anyhow...back to the recounting.) I figured that since Emily is leaving soon, Scott would want me to spend as much time with her as possible before she left. Therefore, I thoughtfully took it upon myself to take them out to dinner.

Hehe...riiiiiiiiiiiiight. I found out that the real purpose I was there was to keep them from conversations about portions of theology that had no bearing upon their sanctifiction ;)


We ate at Tumbleweed. I had 14 ounces, prior to cooking to medium-rare perfection, of one of the best hunks of ribeye steak I've ever had the palatable pleasure of satiating my carnivorous cravings with. Scott had what he calls "the best steak of my life...and that's not hyperbole." I think Miss Cavanaugh had the taco salad.

After dinner, I took the young pair out to a nice little scenic pond with some waterfalls. Scott tried to push Emily into the water, and Scott made a weepy-eyed confession that he's deathly afraid of spiders. I'm not sure if the push had anything to do with the confession, but suffice it to say that Scott tried to valianty redeem his manhood by telling us of his arachnocidic derring-do in the killing of two tarantulas. I don't know if Emiliy was persuaded by Scott's northerly brogue or the size of the shoulders he claimed to have employed in the killing, but she seemed very much attentive and appeased by his heroic epic. I don't think she forgot the pushing episode, but I do believe that all was forgiven. She did wonder aloud to me today if perhaps he thought she had cooties...but that's another story ;)

The nightcap was spent at the Ryherd residence, and it was there that we had yet more ice cream. Oh yes, I forgot to mention that after Tumbleweed we partook of some McDonald's ice cream cones. Scott had two. I think he was the happiest person in the world at that point; his stomach, in all likelihood, would not be inclined to disagree. Anyway. At the Ryherd's, there was more ice cream. I had mine topping a nice, warm piece of brownie. We talked, we laughed, we felt good not to have to worry about schoolwork, even though there was still "stuff" to do. I don't think too many other implicating things came out during our conversation at the Ryherd's, which is good for Emily and Scott's sanity, I'm sure ;)

One thing of importance did emerge from last night, however. This school year was quite momentous for Mr. O'Neal, and not least because it was his last as an undergraduate student. It started out with him being adamantly single. "No time for that," was our response to any girl situation. Pfft. That soon changed. And my, what a marked change it was. Let's just say that October was a crazy month, and as was recounted last night, there were many hours spent in Scott's room running through "the situations" in our minds. Hourly updates were required. Fasting and praying was engaged in with vigor and fervor. Oaths were spoken, and blood was spilt in keeping those oaths. Well, not quite...but close! Ok, maybe not. Hey, the point remains that October was crazy, and we're at a point where we can look back upon our self-inflicted zeal with amusement :) I'm just glad I won't have to repeat it ever again. (Oh, wait...Rob's still single. "Uuuhhhh...yeah...uhhh...well...uhhh...hmmm." Dangit.) Still, I'm glad I got to spend last night with those two, and that Scott and Emily are "Scott and Emily." That's defintely no hyperbole :)

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