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Been doing a little reading about Jesus today. What stuck as I scanned through Piper's The Pleasures of God was the nature of Christ's supremacy and submission. The beauty of beholding our glorious Savior is rooted in the truth that while He is supreme over all of creation, He was also supremely submissive to the Father in saving us. While there is no one who could possibly be greater or more glorious than Christ, there is no one who is more gentle, humble, or meek.

As I pondered this line of thought, what came to mind was the idea of Christ not only being above me in His supremacy, but also below me in His humility. Who suffered more than He did? Who endured more? Who was more broken? Certainly not I. In His redemptive work, He embraced a humility that I can only wonder at. Yet, it cannot be forgotten that the fullness of Christ's beauty is shown in the perfect intermingling of His traits.

This is something that I find so hard to grasp - or be grasped by. I think that gazing upon and delighting in Jesus is an endeavor that has far too often become a task. The joy of knowing and being known by God becomes...well...not a joy. The searching of my heart becomes a painful trial, for I find within me things that I'd rather not see. Instead of looking to my Savior with expectant hope, I look to Him unhealthy fear and trembling.

As I talked to Scott, I told him that I need prayer for delight...delight in the Lord. When I ponder beholding our Savior, I want to do so with joy and with passion. I told Ryan today that I hate the numbness that pervades my soul, and that I yearn to tremble before the Lord with fresh desire. What he told me encouraged me, and I praise god for such encouragement. Ryan said that I'm in a better place than I think I am. *Sigh*...I suppose that times like these, times when the Lord allows me to peer into the depths of my soul, are the times that He uses to break me. Christ was broken by the loving hand of the Father...I can only hope that I, too, am being broken in the same manner, by the same hand.

posted by Bolo | 3:25 PM
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