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Dad's surprise birthday party was last night. He turned 75 on the 20th. (Ironically, two years ago I flew out from home on his birthday. Go figure.) When I got home, Mon reminded me that I needed to call him...whew...good thing she did, too, 'cause I wouldn't have done so otherwise. Yeah...definitely not good. Mom answered the phone when I called, and she immediately informed me that he was helping Kayla gamble with "the rest of the adults"...whatever that means. For some strange reason, I had visions of Carver Hall dancing in my head ;)

Dad was thrilled that so many people showed up for his party, especially since he had no clue about it. (Jeff said that somewhere around 90 people RSVP'd that they would be coming...yeesh.) The usual suspects showed up, which included the whole Letoto side of the family, plus a bunch of unusual characters that I remember only by name. (Those are the people who look at me and go, "Leonard!") You know, it's kind of funny, but if we (meaning the seven kids) invited all of our friends for my Dad's party, they'd probably all come, too. I distinctly remember Albert Lum (or was it Gary? Hmmm...maybe the memory is not so distinct...whatever) telling us several years back that he walked into the Blood Bank one day to donate some blood, and when he sat down in the lobby to wait for his name to be called, he looked up and said to himself, "eh, it's Mistah Letoto!" when he saw Dad's picture up on the wall. Apparently, my Dad had made some sort of Blood Bank hall of fame for giving a bunch of blood. There's all sorts of strange things about my Dad that I find out as the years go by.

Dad was quite happy to talk to me, yet sad at the same time. He told me so many times that I lost count, "you know, son, I really miss you." Ouch. If that wasn't a plea to come back home, I don't know what is. *Sigh*. Still, he's happy I'm here, so that makes me happy.

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