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Where to Look?

I sat there in my car last night and contemplated the current state of things. My conclusion, after sifting through the crazy schedule, the research papers, and stress, was a sobering and humbling one, yet strangely sweet at the same time. I realized that I've become distracted. Distracted from what? Simple: the only thing that counts.

In various conversations since I've been here, I've often told people that I've felt at least somewhat removed from the "politics" that sucks most other students in. As much as I hate to admit it, that removal is less easy to maintain these days. It's a subtle deviation that causes my eyes to shift their focus from Christ and Christ alone to circumstance and all that life brings. In essence, I lose focus from that which is my fixed point, my goal, and I begin to live life according to all the tosses and turns that life brings.

The ancient Hawaiians used to traverse thousands of miles of open ocean to find tiny little dots of land in the middle of the Pacific. One of the techniques they employed in their navigational method was to use the stars as guidelines, because the stars were considered to be fixed points that would not move. They knew that if they did not have such a point, they would become tossed off course far too easily. Winds, swells, and currents would all conspire to confuse and drive them away from their proper course, and unless they had a fixed point which they could look to for constant guidance, they could find themselves needlessly reacting to every shift of wind, every large swell, and every current. Now, it's quite obvious that they could not always use the stars; in the day, such a technique was impossible, and even cloud cover at night would ruin their ploy. Yet, they still would check the stars at every opportunity, for the stars remained their fixed point, their guidance, their representative goal in the midst of all the turbulence the Pacific could conjure up and conspire to throw at them.

Right now, I feel as though I've forgotten to check my fixed point. Life at Boyce can often bring with it many distractions, neither of which I'll detail or enumerate, both for my sanity and for the sanctity of those involved ;) Suffice it to say that I've definitely felt the tosses and turns of life, and though I know they'll not go away, I know that there's only one solution to my supposed troubles: Jesus. He is my guidance, my fixed point. If I live for anything other than seeking Him and joyfully obeying Him, what do I live for? If I lessen the reasons and motivations I have for doing what I do by living by my own wisdom (heh...that's an oxymoron if I've ever heard one) rather than His, how could I possibly think that life would go well with me? *Sigh*'s hard to remain focused right now, especially with the end of the school year quickly approaching. Summer decisions, papers, finals, paperwork...all loom with crushing demands. Yet, how will I deal with them? I'll look away...and turn to Christ. That's how I'll deal with life.

posted by Bolo | 12:38 PM
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