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So yeah...I just found out I'm going to be headed to Canada (Toronto) for part of Spring Reading Days. (Other than Scott O'Neal, who really reads, ya know? Well, not even Scott will read too much, methinks...but that's something else entirely.) It was one of those last minute crazy things that rarely happens but is very cool when it does. *Shrug*...more on this later, I promise :)

On a slightly sillier note, the solution to the Problem I faced today was a simple one in the end: I didn't choose a hall to play for, and instead stayed an unbiased referee for the duration of the tournament. I'm glad I did; Daniel (the other referee I had recruited to help me) and I both agreed that the level of play...uhhh...was...ummm...less than stellar...if you want to call it that...yeah, less than stellar :) I must say, however, that watching the girls "play" was almost as fun as listening to them shriek during their "play." Brooke's hall, in particular, provided a great deal of entertainment :) Although they didn't win, they definitely got the Spirit Award from yours truly. That, or the number for Kahi Mohala...*cough*.

As for the rest of the day's happenings, I realized again that my body is not as...uhhhh..."youthful" as it once was. My ankle is sprained, and being that it just happened on the way to work (don't ask how...please...well, you can ask, but don't expect an answer), I'm not sure how bad it is. Ankle sprains are like that; you can never really tell how bad they are until the next day. We'll see, though, 'cause I gotta do a bunch of rounds tonight, and so I won't have a chance to really rest it until I get home in the morning. Ugh. Paaaaaiiiiiiiiin!!!

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