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I'm silly. I just realized something. Brian's leaving, and I won't be there to see him leave. He said that every time he eats at Gina's, every time he and Uch hit up Sushi King for a late nighter, every time he walks to his car in an empty Ala Moana parking lot after work...he thinks about how many more times he'll do those things...not many. The thing is, I'm not there with him to enjoy the last vestiges of life at home. Japan is just a few months away, but the immensity of the task before him makes it all loom like the nothing else in his life ever has. Several months ago, when he drove away from the airport after he dropped me off, it didn't even cross my mind that it might be a really long time before I saw him again. *Sigh*...I wish I could pull another one over his head by not telling him I'm coming home in the summer...what a bummer...I can't :(

Talking to Brian just now only heightened the awareness of how deeply our lives arer changing. After talking to Andrew earlier this evening, I was thinking a lot about how much we've each meandered along our respective paths in life, sharing what we could, yet knowing that God could take us apart at a moment's notice. And my, how He has. The reality of God's gracious hand directing our lives in separate directions and yet greater distances has not caused bitterness; quite the contrary, it's caused gratefulness! The same grace that has guided each of our lives down separate paths has allowed us to still remain intertwined in a way I can't quite explain. As I talked to those two monkeys earlier (hey Sandi, if you get a monkey some day, can I help name him?), I thought about how insane it is that we are where we are, and that we're going where we're going. Wow. Who'dathunkit?

Hmmm...that five-year plan...hmmmmmmmmmm...

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