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Out of the Frying Pan...

You'd think I'd be tired of typing. You'd think I'd have nothing left to write. You'd think I'd not care to write a post at four in the morning. Hah! Think again ;)

If there's one thing I'm learning all over again in the midst of the crazyzanylil'orphanannie week that this one is turning out to be, it's that it is a sin for me to procrastinate. Gah. The other day (whenever that was...can't really remember), I was telling Chip that I wish I were more task-oriented like Scott. Chip said that it was fine for me to be people-oriented, and that in the end, people were more important than tasks. Hmmm...strange...I don't really feel like that right now...but you know, he's probably right. It's just that I have to realize when the tasks must be done, and when people must be acknowledged. *Sigh*...right now is not the time for such contemplation...that'll come later, probably sometime next week, when the papers are done and all I have to worry about are...*gulp*...Finals.

posted by Bolo | 3:58 AM
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